You Break It, You Buy It! is the Heroic Challenge provided by Double Trouble and takes place in the Fortress. This level is rated as being very tough. The player must clear forty Trolls who have stolen a bunch of artwork but cannot destroy more than one painting in three minutes and thirty seconds. The vases scattered throughout the level each impose a 5-second penalty if they are destroyed and destroying two paintings results in a failed mission. The trolls consist of Troll Greasemonkies, Blaster Trolls, and Troll Grenadiers.

Upon completion, the Skylander gains a permanent +8 Bonus to Speed.

Clearing the Challenge

Similarly to Save The Purple Chompies!, this level requires precision and restraint, though fortunately what you need to avoid destroying is sparse and doesn't move. However, Troll Grenadiers like to camp out near the paintings and chuck their grenades at you from afar, so be careful. As long as your Skylander has a nice, precise technique, this level is a breeze, as it is easy to clear out just forty trolls in the time allotment of three minutes, assuming you don't break too many vases in the process. To defeat the trolls, simply follow the path, defeating them as you see them. Once you defeat the last Grenadier, there is a straggler Blaster Troll who spawns about halfway back down the path; this is troll number forty. Assuming you haven't broken too many vases, you should have plenty of time to back-track and deal with him.

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