Yin and Yang (イン In In Japanese) are twin dragons who are the last Dragon Egg (not being hatched at the time) to be rescued by Spyro in the game, Spyro: Year of the Dragon. They are only obtained by defeating the Sorceress the second time in the Super Bonus World.


  • In Chinese mythology, Yin is the opposite of Yang, and likewise.
  • Though they appear out of the same egg and are obviously twins, it is not shown whether or not they are siamese twins, and, if they are siamese twins, where they would be connected. When the egg hatches, the bottom half of the egg lands on the ground, then one dragon head and a normal set of forelegs appears above the edge of the shell on the viewer's left, then a smaller head to the right of the viewer appears. The smaller head has a pink bow on it.