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Buddy Wrecking Ball

Buddy Wrecking Ball Promo

Species: Magically Enhanced Grub Worm
Gender: Male
Role: Ally
Homeworld: Skylands
Element: Magic
Appearances: Skylanders: Lost Islands
Attacks/Actions: None
English Voice Actor: Ryan Cooper
First Release: Skylanders: Lost Islands May 2013
"Buddy Wrecking Ball has sprouted in the Skylands!"
Skylanders: Lost Islands game description

Buddy Wrecking Ball is a Spring variant of Wrecking Ball who is available exclusively on Skylanders: Lost Islands during the month of May 2013.



  • Buddy Wrecking Ball is not the only Magic alter ego Skylander to be exclusive to the Lost Islands.
  • Buddy Wrecking Ball represents Spring.
    • He is also currently the only Lost Islands exclusive Skylander so far who is four-legged.

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