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Page Deletion

There are two pages similar to the Spyro's History page already. And Spyro and the Legend of Spyro are different universes. - Aura24

Deleted page

Sorry but that does not make any sense on how there can be two different universes of Spyro. It's like saying there is 2 spyro's inthe universe.

Please can you describe it to me a bit more clearly and can you give me the links to the pages that are simular to spyro's history page.


There are two pages already, one is the Classic Spyro's history and the games, the other is the Legend series in the game trilogy. Those pages show the history of the Classic Spyro and the Legend of Spyro games.

Spyro the Dragon (series) and The Legend of Spyro

The Spyro from the Classic series is different from the one from the Legend series. The Legend series is a reboot of the Classic Spyro's origin and world. They're not connected in any way.


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Two Spyros

Yes, they are two different Spyros in one franchise.

The Legend of Spyro's Spyro origin is different than the Classic Spyro's. LoS Spyro was created after the series had gone through a reboot, a retelling of Spyro's origin, which was the LoS trilogy. The trilogy had no connection with the Classic Spyro games, they're not the same.

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