Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. This walkthrough is based off the PlayStation 3 version primarily so some parts may be slightly different if you're on the Wii - the other versions should be pretty much identical.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task.


Every time you kill an enemy they will drop a load of small glowing dots, collect them by walking close. These will fill up the yellow bar at the bottom of your Skylander's portrait, once it reaches the edge your Skylander will level up. Levelling up has a few side effects, one is that some enemies around you may be killed by the powerful burst of energy released, your Skylander will also regain full health as well as their maximum health increasing.

Your attacks and powers do not get stronger with a higher level character, only your health. To increase your other stats you will need to complete Heroic Challenges or wear a Hat.


Throughout the levels you will find many coins in various shapes, sizes, and values to pick up, these are stored on your Skylander and can only be used by the Skylander that picked them up. Coins can be found in various smashable items such as barrels, bones, carts, and vases.

You can also find coins in larger quantities in special Treasure Chests that are limited to three per level, these are usually hidden off the main path and require you to explore or solve an optional puzzle to reach. You may need a specific element Skylander to reach some of these.

Once you have completed the third chapter, Sky Schooner Docks, you can upgrade your Skylanders' abilities while in the Ruins hub world. Speak to Persephone to spend your coins on the more powerful moves. You can reduce the cost of these upgrades by finding Winged Sapphires in the Ruins hub world, these are not all available right away and more will appear as you progress through the story.

Each Skylander has four basic upgrades before you have to choose a path to go down, these paths usually mean focusing on one of the Skylander's core abilities and making it even stronger. This choice is permanent and you can only go down one of the paths, the other three abilities are then locked out.

You can of course take drastic action and reset your Skylander to choose their upgrade path again if you're not happy with your selection. This process deletes all experience, levels, coins and nicknames that they have gained.

There is also a special upgrade that requires you to find that Skylander's "Soul Gem". A Soul Gem is a token that you will find hidden somewhere in a specific level - selecting the ability on Persephone's upgrade screen will tell you which. Unfortunately you will still need to spend some coins with Persephone to use the upgrade, it's not free. You can collect Soul Gems for Skylanders that you don't own (yet) and preview them in a short video.


Each Skylander has a base set of stats.

Max Health

This is the maximum amount of health that your Skylander has. To improve this simply level up your character. It will mean you can take more hits before dying.


How fast your Skylander walks around. Improve this with a Hat and by doing certain Heroic Challenges.


This does not reduce the amount of damage taken, you just have a higher chance to block an attack. You'll see a yellow shield icon appear instead of the damage when it works. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

Critical Hit

The higher this is the more often your attacks will hit with a larger number than usual. When it does take effect your attack will be 1.5 times its normal number. So something that would usually hit for 26 damage would on a crit hit for 39 damage. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

Elemental Power

Increases how much extra damage your Skylander does in their elemental area as well as against their equivalent element in PvP battles. The number appears to simply apply as a percentage of your attack. So for example if you do 80 damage normally and have 50 Elemental Power you will do 40 damage extra in your elemental zone. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

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