Hello everyone!

I'm here to inform you of some conclusions I've made while visiting this wiki. I'm heavily interested in becoming an Admin here, so I'm working my hardest to get good wiki work done to do myself a favor. Anyways, I'm going to get onto the point - things that need to get fixed, I mean.

Most of the templates feature inconsistant fonts. As a webdesigner, I understand that this is something you do not want at all costs. Miss-matched fonts are displeasing to the eye. We've got a lot of redirect makes it confusing when there are three or four links to the same thing. A lot of the Enemies pages have incorrect titles.

I would much appreciate if I could get nominated as an Admin to fix these problems. I am not in for the role to have power and give out rules - I simply want to help fix this wiki up. In a way, a "department head" for the Spyro the Dragon portion of the wiki.

Much thanks!


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