Ok, so this may seem a little weird, but I have noticed some significant similarities in some of the new Skylanders, like Hot Dog and Eruptor. See, if you noticed, Shroom Boom has gloves that are red with yellow spikes. It looks exactly like Tree Rex's right arm. Then there's Fright Rider: He and Hex are both elves that became Undead. Pop Fizz is a gremlin, just like Trigger Happy, and Jet Vac somewhat uses the same fighting techniques as Gill Grunt (i.e. the blaster). Chill has the ability of ice as well as Slam Bam. Flashwing is a crystal being just like Prism Break. Last but not least, Sprocket. She was difficult to figure out because she only shares a single attack with Boomer, like Chill and Slam Bam. Sprocket has an ability that throws mines, or for a better word, explosives, just like Boomer. However, even though that is just a small similarity, it is a valid one. These new Skylander figures share a similarity to the old Skylanders, except for Shroom Boom. But, he was made after the unveiling of Tree Rex. It's just an observation and I'm willing to hear some debate on this, so that's all I have to say.

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