Ok, so we all know that Stealth Elf is confirmed to be a Series 3. But, what about the others? Wouldn't it be kinda fun to imagine which Skylanders would become the Series 3 and the new lightcores? If you guys see this blog, please put down your input on which Skylanders YOU think should be Series 3 and lightcore, it would be pretty cool to see who is right.

My choices:

Life: Stealth Elf (already confirmed), Zook (Series 3 and lightcore)

Earth: Prism Break, Bash (Series 3 and lightcore)

Tech: Trigger Happy, Drill Sergeant (Series 3 and lightcore)

Fire: Flameslinger, Ignitor (Series 3 and lightcore)

Undead: Hex, Chop Chop (Series 3 and lightcore)

Air: Lightning Rod, Whirlwind (Series 3 and lightcore)

Magic: Double Trouble, Spyro (Series 3 and lightcore)

Water: Gill Grunt, Zap (Series 3 and lightcore)

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