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  • Killerharper94

    Sun Dragon

    March 14, 2013 by Killerharper94

    What if they bring the Sun Dragon to be one of those 16 new Skylanders? What do you guys think?

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  • Killerharper94

    Predictions on SSF

    February 28, 2013 by Killerharper94

    Ok, so we all know that Stealth Elf is confirmed to be a Series 3. But, what about the others? Wouldn't it be kinda fun to imagine which Skylanders would become the Series 3 and the new lightcores? If you guys see this blog, please put down your input on which Skylanders YOU think should be Series 3 and lightcore, it would be pretty cool to see who is right.

    My choices:

    Life: Stealth Elf (already confirmed), Zook (Series 3 and lightcore)

    Earth: Prism Break, Bash (Series 3 and lightcore)

    Tech: Trigger Happy, Drill Sergeant (Series 3 and lightcore)

    Fire: Flameslinger, Ignitor (Series 3 and lightcore)

    Undead: Hex, Chop Chop (Series 3 and lightcore)

    Air: Lightning Rod, Whirlwind (Series 3 and lightcore)

    Magic: Double Trouble, Spyro (Series 3 and lightco…

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  • Killerharper94

    Ok, so I did some math and I came up with a big number. In Skylanders Adventures, there were 4 Skylanders per element, then Giants had 6 per element. Now, if you add the next Skylander figures with the old ones, you get 17 figures per element. So there are 17 Skylanders in each element which means there are 136 Skylander figures total....BUT if you add the combinations of the SWAP Force which is 256 combinations, you get 392 Skylander figures total. WOW, that's alot, and I think that is a new record in playable characters. lol

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  • Killerharper94


    November 28, 2012 by Killerharper94

    Ok, so this may seem a little weird, but I have noticed some significant similarities in some of the new Skylanders, like Hot Dog and Eruptor. See, if you noticed, Shroom Boom has gloves that are red with yellow spikes. It looks exactly like Tree Rex's right arm. Then there's Fright Rider: He and Hex are both elves that became Undead. Pop Fizz is a gremlin, just like Trigger Happy, and Jet Vac somewhat uses the same fighting techniques as Gill Grunt (i.e. the blaster). Chill has the ability of ice as well as Slam Bam. Flashwing is a crystal being just like Prism Break. Last but not least, Sprocket. She was difficult to figure out because she only shares a single attack with Boomer, like Chill and Slam Bam. Sprocket has an ability that thro…

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