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    New Realeases!

    February 17, 2012 by Information Box

    Alright so yesterday I figured out something very intresting! This invovles a NEW skylander and the realease dates for two other skylanders.

    We've been waiting for awhile now. A long while. But next month he's coming in a single pack!

    Sunburn is one of my favorites. I've been wanting him for a bit now, and next month he's coming in an adventure pack called Dragon's Peak!

    Yes the new skylander! A few weeks back there was a poll on Facebook to make either Red Bash, Blue Bash or Green Bash, and Blue Bash won! Now he is not like those gold and silver ones. He actually shows up blue on the screen with improved stats. He's coming in April!

    Yes, still 5 skylanders not realeased yet.

    Lightning Rod- Lightning Rod has been postponed for about the 15th ti…

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    New Air Skylander!

    February 11, 2012 by Information Box

    We have just recieved a whole Giants trailer and three new Skylanders! Tree Rex, Alchemist and an unnamed Air Skylander. Tell me what YOU think.

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    Last time I was able to check we were waiting on these 11:




    Lightning Rod



    Legendary Trigger Happy


    Double Trouble



    Though after seeing Whirldwind, Cynder, Double Trouble and Slam Bam have been released, we are now waiting on 7 I believe. If I am wrong in anyway please inform me.

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