Hey guys, I am making a blog about the Skylanders (+ Giants) Apps. There are 3, and the first one is Skylanders Cloud Patrol. On Cloud Patrol, the Trolls in Prison broke out and it's up to you to put them in their place. The Giants are now on the game if you get the update. Speaking of apps, there is a new started pack that includes Cynder, Jet Vac, Royal Double Trouble, Hidden Treasure and the Portal for you to use if you go to your Bluetooth Settings. Anyway,  there is Elemental Day Bonuses. On Cloud Patrol, you can get extra coins if you are a Skylanders from that element.               Another app is Skylanders Lost Islands. on Lost Islands (LS) you build houses to attract Mabu to the Abbandoned Island.  Elemental Power on LS: Send them on adventures or plant plants of that element to get extra energy or coins.

Cloud Patrol

Skylanders Cloud Patrol App Icon

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