All the Giants from Skylanders Giants

All the Giants from Skylanders Giants are

Life: Tree Rex

Tech: Bouncer

Undead: Eye Brawl

Air: Swarm

Water: Thumpback

Fire: Hot Head

Magic: Ninjini

The Giants are powerful Skylanders who were asleep for a long time and are just not awoken.

Povers of the Giants

Tree Rex: Shockwave Slam,Sequoia Stampede,Photosynthesis Cannon, Woodpecker Buddy

Bouncer:FingerGuns, Shoulder Rockets, I-Beam, Fists of Destruction

Eye Brawl:Haymaker, Eye Fly, An Eye in Team, You'll Shoot your Eye Out!

Swarm: Barb Blades, Flight of the Wasp, Swarm Form, Bee is for the Butt Stinger

Thumpback: Anchor Assault, Belly Flop, A Whale of a Chomp, Blowhard

Hot Head: Flamefire Burst, Oil Blobs, Sizzle Shower, Hot Rod

Ninjini: Wishblades, Blottle Blast, Surrealistic Spheres, Dazzling Enchantment

Crusher: Crusher's Crusher, Turn to Stone, Rockslide, Rockslidin' Out!

I have the Skylanders Giants Strategy Guide from Best Buy and I get ahead on the game without the game! YAY! I hope the people who have the game enjoy it. I have been waiting since Summer and I really want to play it. I have wanted to go to E3 but I don't know where it is. I have an Idea for another Skylanders Game. Leave a message on my Talk Page to find out about it. THANKS ALL MY FANS (If I have any) and I really hope people like this.

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