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    Drill X's Big Rig

    December 23, 2012 by I *heart* Spyro

    On chapter 11, you meet Drill X, a singing robot boss which doesn't put up much of a challenge.Kaos built him to get to the City of Arkus, but after he is destroyed, the Conquertron tells Kaos about a secret entrance to the City.

    Link to Utube

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  • I *heart* Spyro

    'Sup? I am posting videos, I do not own, of cartoon mini movies they made. It may include other characters or series of characters, but Skylanders are still in there.

    Since it's Christmas time, I will post the Skylanders Christmas video but we also have

    1. Pirates (2 parts)

    2. 1 year anniversary

    3.  Clash of the Skylanders                                                                                                        

    Let's start with the Christmas one.                                                                                                                 to see @ Utube

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  • I *heart* Spyro

    Hey guys, I am making a blog about the Skylanders (+ Giants) Apps. There are 3, and the first one is Skylanders Cloud Patrol. On Cloud Patrol, the Trolls in Prison broke out and it's up to you to put them in their place. The Giants are now on the game if you get the update. Speaking of apps, there is a new started pack that includes Cynder, Jet Vac, Royal Double Trouble, Hidden Treasure and the Portal for you to use if you go to your Bluetooth Settings. Anyway,  there is Elemental Day Bonuses. On Cloud Patrol, you can get extra coins if you are a Skylanders from that element.               Another app is Skylanders Lost Islands. on Lost Islands (LS) you build houses to attract Mabu to the Abbandoned Island.  Elemental Power on LS: Send the…

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  • I *heart* Spyro

    In the new game, Skylanders Giants, they are making new Skylanders and they are called "Series 2." The Series 2 Skylanders each have a new power. They have three new Series 2 Skylanders out of each element. They also have Lightcore. They have one lightcore out of each element. When you put the Lightcore characters on the portal, there is a lazer blast and it takes 100 health away from enemies. For Magic, for example, they have every old Skylander except for Voodood (Spyro, Wrecking Ball, Double Trouble) and the Lightcore Skylander is Pop Fizz. I'm guessing his potion lights up. So for Tech, Lightcore Drobot, Series 2 Trigger Happy, Series 2 Drill Sergeant and Series 2 Drobot.

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  • I *heart* Spyro

    I will be making walkthroughs from to the beginning (Shattered Island) till the end (Dragon's Peak.) Most of these levels are very fun. My favorite is Lair of Kaos. Plz comment and tell me what your favorite level is, and 3DS levels count (because that's skylanders) Shattered Island coming soon! I will not be doing 3DS levels, because I do not have a 3DS or the game for the 3DS.

    Perilous Pastures Link

    The Shattered Island Link is in the Comments under Island

    and Quicksilver Vault I have deleted. It will show up when I get to it.

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