aka jared aka popfizzdaman aka kyuremdaman

  • I live in wisconsin(a very awesome place)
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is Administrator of skylands wiki, founder of skylanders city wiki
  • I am AWESOME!!!!! jk,male
  • FEfan

    Game informer goes spyro.

    January 21, 2013 by FEfan

    Game informer magazine marked spyro fourth place for best gaming dragons ever. Describes him as one of the most epic dragons in power. Just thought you would know...Da Man In Da House! (talk) 15:22, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

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  • FEfan

    Waves and variants

    January 12, 2013 by FEfan

    Anyone know the skylanders out right now and upcoming waves? i am hoping for the following:

    S2 Lightning Rod.

    S2 Spyro

    S2 Eruptor

    And were you get the following variants:

    Polar Whirlwind

    Jade Flashwing

    Molten hot dog

    granite crusher isnt on the list cuz i know where.

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  • FEfan


    December 14, 2012 by FEfan

    Due to vacation, i will be gone for three weeks, unless i get internet at our part time house.

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  • FEfan

    Legendary skylanders

    December 4, 2012 by FEfan

    Ok, so knowing that I have the normal and legendary forms of the first ledgendaries, so I have a question. Will there be series 2 forms of l-bash,l-trigger happy, l-spyro and l-chop chop? And, will the series 2 legendary skylanders have wow POWs? Also, are legendaries any different than normal? Please answer, as I am wondering if it is worth it to buy them, as toys r us is far away from we're I live

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  • FEfan


    December 2, 2012 by FEfan

    What should I choose for hot head Who should I buy

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