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    Note: I've also posted this on the talk page for Malefor's Lair, if you want to see it there.

    In this post, I will try to create an 'alternate storyline in which the attempt Malafor makes to turn Cynder on Spyro fails completely, as his magic wouldn't even get inside her. Most of the first and last bits of this will be the same as the game, its the middle where the changes will be.

    The Story:

    As the two dragons approached the doors to Malafor's lair, once their home, Spyro turned to Cynder.

    "Are you ready for this?" He asked her.

    "I'm scared." She whispered to him, in a tone she'd never used before; as the great stone doors slowly open. He looks to her.

    "Stay close to me." He tells her, as they approach the arkitecht of the chaos around them.


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