I am once more pushing/requesting that we modernize Spyro wiki, by adding the latest forum and message wall technology. Let me list some of the Pros and Cons of Message Walls. I'm not, however, pushing for article comments.


  • Easy to follow. You are notified any time someone replies to a message, anywhere any time, unlike the current system where you must check their message walls to see if they replied, being notified only if they post on your wall.
  • Protection. Only admins and you can edit your wall posts.
  • Updates. If you edit your post, it will show that it has been updated, and people don't need to shuffle through history like the current system.
  • Signatures. Many newer contributors, both registered and not, forget to or don't use the signature feature. Message wall posts are automatically signed.
  • Easier to read. As talk pages can easily get clogged, it can be hard, especially for people with certain eye problems, to navigate through them. Message wall entries are separated and easy to look through.
  • Forums are pretty much the same as message walls, except they are more for community matters. Admins can also highlight boards, so as to inform everyone on a wiki of important updates, etc.


  • Can't think of any, aside from the fact that we'd lose some things discussed on certain user talk pages might be lost, but this could be fixed by archiving before installing the message walls.
  • Might take a bit for some to get used to it.

So what do you all think? If you can list a con, comment it and if its reasonable I'll add it (not like, talk pages are so much cooler, yo!). Most wikis I'm on use mesage walls, and they ahev made life much easier.

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