Ok, as you know, I am writing a fanfiction guide to Skylands. Anyway, I want to know something:

Would you like to see individual character profiles for some fo the Skylanders (would take forever to do all of them, I would probably pick 2 from each Element)?

The poll was created at 06:55 on February 11, 2013, and so far 7 people voted.
If I write on Giants, would you like to see perhaps one other biography (likely of Spyro) added to that?

The poll was created at 02:16 on February 12, 2013, and so far 6 people voted.

Just to note, I have written profiles for 16 normal 'landers and all the Giants. I'm leaning towards deleting the 16, and just keeping the giants.

A sample of a character profile:


One of the leaders of the modern day Skylanders, Spyro is a noble dragon with a heart of gold and a glorious past. In fact, he is not from Skylands at all, but rather from another dimension . Actually, it’s rumored that he came from another dimension before that as well. Caretaker 3 [the Weapon Master, but as weapon master seems to refer to the species, I gave him a new name] is currently studying the process, and he states that it seems that Spyro has existed in multiple timelines, retaining some memories and abilities, but changing appearance each time. Cynder and Malefor have also gone through the same strange process. He can wield any element, but due to the fact that this can cause glitches (while almost entirely unheard of, several Skylanders have had strange and sometimes deadly glitches from their elemental signature) with his elemental signature [explained in another section, it sorta gives the Skylanders the ability to control certain areas, etc.], he restricts himself to one or two normally (generally, magic and fire). He has a large knowledge of Skylands, despite not being a “native,” and is considered a smart and competent leader. He is the only current Skylander who can Go Dark [I have elaborated on Dark transformations in another section]. He has also gained a Legendary Form, for nobly defending a fallen comrade in battle, even after all seemed lost.


I might also just add a few select characters to the character profiles section (which until now has mostly been NPCs, plus Tree Rex's woodpecker).

Your thoughts?

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