Right now, at, there's a deal on where with Skylander figures, among others, that if you get one, you get 40% off of another item of equal or less value. And that's not the best part! Legendary Bouncer is currently the same price as normal Bouncer, online anyway, and qualifies for the deal. Don't know when the salepersons will realize this, or how long the deal will last, but hopefully long enough for me to get L. Bouncer and Hot Head for only $24, or Sprocket and Prism Break (non-lightcore) for $16! Also, if you spend more than $49 on certain items (including most Skylanders), you get free shipping!

Just to make the blog sound more professional :P :

Before someone starts raving, I do not own shares of ToysRUs or Activision, and have not been paid to write about this.

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