aka Nightlasher

  • I live in In the World that Never Was, with Dark Corridors linking to Wikia, Luxendarc, Nitrome, A. Nigma High, the Lombax Dimension, Castle Oblivion, and Minecraft
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am as my avatar depicts, a gentleman steampunk cyborg muscian hypnotist ninja wizard (Finnwich from Detentionaire)
  • Doomslicer

    EDIT: ALL images were deleted due to copyright! Please do not post images of snapshots of content the game companies do not want us to see, since the images were posted too early.


    Aura24 recently discovered a massive leak on!

    Here is my gallery of (now improved!) snapshots:

    Note that I did not take pics of one item, because by the time I finished taking pics of groups of 6, only one item remained, called Triple Pack D, and with no image, so I decided it wasn't necessary to take a pic of with nothing else to go with it.

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  • Doomslicer

    Just celebrating the fact that I've been on this Wiki for over a year now, plus since there haven't been a lot of blogs lately.

    You may all congratulate me now and read my fanfic masterpiece :P

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  • Doomslicer

    New Background?

    March 13, 2013 by Doomslicer

    Should we perhaps (with the admins' permission) change the wiki background? It's getting a little old. If we change it, what to?

    My suggestions:

    Also, if Spyro Wiki doesn't use these, maybe the Skylanders wiki can.

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  • Doomslicer

    I.e. which variant is the awesomest?

    Me? I'm trying to decide between Scarlet Ninjini (confirmed Amazon exclusive), and Jadewing (confirmed Target exclusive).

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  • Doomslicer

    Ok, as you know, I am writing a fanfiction guide to Skylands. Anyway, I want to know something:

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