Hello dragon users, this is your ruler Gnasty Gnorc.

Just kidding guys, it’s me, you’re faithful admin Dark Shadow Dragon, and today I will be giving you the news.

Spyro/Skylanders News

  1. Last week one of very own users found out about some interesting toys that Mega Bloks has a licensed deal with Activison that deals with the Skylanders and Spyro himself as one of their brands, you can read the story by clicking on the links here
  2. Second Last week I discovered more info about the Skylanders Sidekicks, and how to get them. You can read more about all the info on my blog: Here
  3. We now know the air giants name you can see that it is Swarm.

wiki news

  1. I thought we should talk about our very own user, User:Scourge the Dark Claw being made an admin. He was promoted to one just over a week ago, so you should give him some congrats and hugs on his talk page.

Well that’s all for now Dragons, Dragonflies, Ninjas ETC... See you all next Sunday for the next weekly blog update, and remember to post in the comments if you have any news or other info you want to share. Just remember to follow the rules and no flaming until next week. News By DarkShadowDragon, Edited by Blahmarrow. Now, here is an image of something random:

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