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Cynder Rush is normaly a nice person, but if she gets angry if you spam please don't swear at her. She's only doing her job. She knows how to put little pictures at the bottom of your screen from her pal on the WIR wiki, but isn't that good.


Cynder Rush was bullied in primary school but is fine now exept for some idiot who lives down her road.


“Gimme pop tarts and rainbow farts! This is going to be fun!”
    —Cynder Rush getting ready for an adventure.

“Tallyho! Off we go!”
    —Cynder Rush impersonating Jet-Vac

“Welcome to hell, nice and warm here, right?”
    —Cynder Rush entering a fire elemental area.

“Halloween's come early!”
    —Cynder Rush entering an undead elemental zone.

“Oh my cheeseballs/cheesecake!”
    —An exclamation like OMG


  • Her name is a pun on Cynder and Sugar Rush.
  • Her appearance is a mixture of that of Cynder and the Sugar Rush racers from Wreck-it-Ralph.
  • Sometimes she is seen holding a lolipop or a candy cane.
  • Her cameo in the comics is a mixture between the Skylanders Cynder and the Legend of Spyro Cynder, whereas here on this wiki she seems to be mostly based on the Skylanders version.
    • In adition to this, she has gold fairy wings instead of dragon wings as part of the plot.
  • It is unknown if there is a phantom Cynder Rush, a Metalic Cynder Rush or a Skeletal Cynder Rush.