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  • Crackedtalon23

    I've been playing some of my old Spyro games and I remember triggering the Crystal Dragon Health Glitch. The first time I performed this glitch was this one time I was in Stone Hill (the most common place where this glitch occurs.) I became curious about this glitch and thus tried performing it in other worlds and levels. So far I know it has worked in:

    • Stone Hill (as previously stated)
    • Town Square
    • Ice Cavern
    • Wizard Peak
    • Dark Passage

    So all I'm wondering is if this glitch appears in any other levels and if so where (for proof and so I can try it on my game 😊.) I will be using this information to contribute to the Crystal Dragon Health Glitch page. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you! 😁😁

    • UPDATE 01/09/2016*

    I found 2 videos showing all the…

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