Ive been a fan since 98 when spyro launched. This is what got me hooked. I STILL to this day own the original copies i always bought. Spyros first title was perfect, had class. Second title was awesome. Third title had such vibe and soul. Perfect soundtrack, perfect ending to the trilogy. Sad ending when hunter and bianca kiss. Enter the dragonfly was OK. It was not by no means bad. But it was not perfect. The game tried to hard to copy the original games by Insomniac. But it was great, and i thank Check 6 for trying to keep the memory alive. Heros tail was a great title. Brought back lots of old faces, and was the proper end to the original series. The legend trilogy had an epic story, and sad story. I loved every minute of it. Skylanders, oh skylanders. At first, i hated everything i saw. But after that well... i got over it and faced the facts. If skylanders had not launched, spyro may still not of had a game. The last game may of been in 2008 with legend of spyro dawn of the dragon. Skylanders, tried to bring back the soul of the series first 3 titles and be platformer again. I thank activision for that. Really, i do. If i could do anything to change the series? I would. I believe Skylanders is not really relying on spyro anymore. Giants dont even revolve around spyro and dont have his name in the title. Activision should look into allowing Skylanders to continue so the kids now can enjoy Spyro the way it is now, while us old fans get a new title in the "Spyro" series, A remake or port of something. The kids who enjoy skylanders, deserve skylanders to continue. It would not be fair. I was a kid too, i enjoyed the original trilogy. Now with skylanders, kids can enjoy the series too! Id love to see the original spyro be back somehow, but if it interfears with kids enjoying skylanders, let spyro live on as a memory. He is not forgotten. Skylanders saved the series no doubt. Listen, ive been banned from DarkSpyro because i was immature and rude to people. I deserved it. I had no right to judge skylanders. My little brother, who is 3 and i love, LOVES skylanders to death. It would not be fair to take that away from him, when i could enjoy my games when i was little, i enjoyed Spyro, Croc, Crash and Ape Escape. Why ruin dreams and fun of little kids? They deserve it too. I ACTUALLY LIKE skylanders even though i said i hated it. Another thing, i was deeply rude to Aura24 when on darkspyro. I really am sorry for that. I cant wait for Giants to release.

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