Tee hee, It's me! Your still alive friend, BH!!....okay, I'm not that well known. But anyway, I've rethought my life and came back after a long time. I'll try to keep myself updated, but anyway...I've heard of the release of the new Skylanders and try to keep up with this wiki as much as a I can. I've managed to get a few pictures aswell, snap, snap, snap! Tee hee, anyway, here are the pictures!

These are the new mini-figs, the cute little sidekicks!

Sidekicks small

I've also got some pictures for the new Skylanders and Giants.

C bouncerC tree rex

C jet-vacC pop fizz

I've also got some pictures from the game!

Here's a pic from the iPhone game.


Trigger Happy!

These are all the pictures I have for today, but I'll keep us updated with lots of fun pictures! Snap, snap, snap.

That's Beautiful Heart, until next time! See yaaaa!! -Beautiful Heart 15:32, August 4, 2012 (UTC) A9fee27060793b76404421d004ab8440

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