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    Updated lineup.

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  • Beautiful Heart

    Tee hee, It's me! Your still alive friend, BH!!....okay, I'm not that well known. But anyway, I've rethought my life and came back after a long time. I'll try to keep myself updated, but anyway...I've heard of the release of the new Skylanders and try to keep up with this wiki as much as a I can. I've managed to get a few pictures aswell, snap, snap, snap! Tee hee, anyway, here are the pictures!

    These are the new mini-figs, the cute little sidekicks!

    I've also got some pictures for the new Skylanders and Giants.

    I've also got some pictures from the game!

    Here's a pic from the iPhone game.

    These are all the pictures I have for today, but I'll keep us updated with lots of fun pictures! Snap, snap, snap.

    That's Beautiful Heart, until next time! See y…

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  • Beautiful Heart

    Empire of Ice

    January 15, 2012 by Beautiful Heart

    Hey guys. Empire of Ice, Cynder, and Double Trouble are out now. Save up your money, they're moving fast. Get them while you can.

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