According to the early news and what's currently on the Skylanders: Swap Force page, 16 Skylanders are returning to Swap Force as Series 3 and new Series 2. But I've been counting and as of now, there are more than 16. Here are their names:

  • Series 3:
    • Spyro (Mega Ram)
    • Terrafin (Knockout)
    • Prism Break (Hyper Beam)
    • Gill Grunt (Anchors Away)
    • Eruptor (Lava Barf)
    • Trigger Happy (Big Bang)
    • Cynder (Phantom)
    • Chop Chop (Twin Blade)
    • Whirlwind (Horn Blast)
    • Stealth Elf (Ninja)
  • Series 2:
    • Pop Fizz (Super Gulp)
    • Flashwing (Lightcore)
    • Wham Shell (Lightcore)
    • Chill (Blizzard)
    • Hot Dog (Fire Bone)
    • Sprocket (Heavy Duty)
    • Warnado (Lightcore)
    • Jet Vac (Turbo)

And some elements have two Series 3s (Terrafin and Prism break for example) and two Series twos (Chill and Wham Shell for example).

If I am not mistaken, Swap Force might have 32 returning Skylanders as Series 3 and 2. And if that is the case, Boomer, Voodood, Dino-Rang, Ghost Roaster, Sunburn, Camo, Fright Rider and Shroomboom will undoubtedly return with brand new Series 2 poses. FamilyGameTV once suggested that Boomer should return to Skylanders Swap Force as a new figure ([1]).

What do you guys think?

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