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  • BRRSpore

    According to the early news and what's currently on the Skylanders: Swap Force page, 16 Skylanders are returning to Swap Force as Series 3 and new Series 2. But I've been counting and as of now, there are more than 16. Here are their names:

    • Series 3:
      • Spyro (Mega Ram)
      • Terrafin (Knockout)
      • Prism Break (Hyper Beam)
      • Gill Grunt (Anchors Away)
      • Eruptor (Lava Barf)
      • Trigger Happy (Big Bang)
      • Cynder (Phantom)
      • Chop Chop (Twin Blade)
      • Whirlwind (Horn Blast)
      • Stealth Elf (Ninja)
    • Series 2:
      • Pop Fizz (Super Gulp)
      • Flashwing (Lightcore)
      • Wham Shell (Lightcore)
      • Chill (Blizzard)
      • Hot Dog (Fire Bone)
      • Sprocket (Heavy Duty)
      • Warnado (Lightcore)
      • Jet Vac (Turbo)

    And some elements have two Series 3s (Terrafin and Prism break for example) and two Series twos (Chill and Wham Shell for example). …

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  • BRRSpore


    July 2, 2013 by BRRSpore

    I'm just wondering if we should make a separate template for the Skylanders Sidekicks and a template for Skylanders: Lost Islands. listing all the characters that appeared in the game, including the exclusives like Fireworks Zook . And should we also add in a Scrapped Skylanders section on the Skylanders page, listing as many scrapped Skylanders as we can like Tarclops (replaced with Zap) so the user doesn't have to go to every skylander just to see who was scrapped.

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  • BRRSpore

    On this video, it revealed that before Tree Rex was made, the first Giant made was something that looked like an Arkeyan but they scrapped it. We don't know if it's a prototype of a today's skylander.

    Here are some clear images. It's still a bit blurry because he was shaking the camera.

    So how do we represent this guy to the viewers?

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  • BRRSpore

    I've noticed one of my fan arts which was only made for my own wikia userpage was removed due to minor users thinking it belonged to the officials which is not. I would never submit fan art to official pages, I would just use them for my own userpage. I was also asked to use Photobucket to submit a fan image into my userpage only, but I have no idea how to display a photobucket image on a Wikia. Can anyone teach me how to display a photobucket image on a wikia without directly submitting it on wikia? Otherwise it's just gonna make clueless users think my fan art is part of the officials.

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  • BRRSpore

    Spyro Fan Wiki anyone

    April 23, 2013 by BRRSpore

    Is it okay if I create a Spyro Fanon Wiki, seperate from this wiki?

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