I know that the Spyro Wiki is a reliable source of everything Spyro/Skylanders, but most of the information come from somewhere else besides just only here.

While the Spyro Wiki was created to provide information on the Spyro and Skylander franchises, it's not the only place for you guys to look for info, and they're not 100% reliable since anyone has the ability to edit the pages and put in false information at any time (which the admins are trying to clean up). New users on the Wikia can make up crazy, wild claims about the Skylanders and post nonsense on the articles that aren't true, some new users don't even know what they're doing on wikis and unintentionally ruin the articles.

For example, a new user recently put falsely Skylanders Spyro as a 'pug/dragon hybrid' for the fun of it, and another new user who occasionally reads information on the Wiki would find this false speculation to be true.

And a fan of Skylander would put his opinion that 'Trigger Happy is stronger than the other Tech Skylanders', on the TG page and try to pass it on as official.

And when there's some new image, or page, and the fan makes a topic/video about it, other users will question them on "how did you get that information?'.

"Hey where did you get the name of the new Water Skylander from?"

"From the Spyro Wiki."

"Um, what other place did you hear it besides the Spyro Wiki?"

"Just the Spyro Wiki."

And the users will most likely won't believe the image/info is real because you didn't provide them with an official source besides a wikia.

The Spyro Wiki get its up-to-date information from other sites like the official Activision website, from E3, the official Spyro/Skylanders website or official magazines like GameInformer. Or from the games themselves.

There are,, or even for new users to look up on updated information on new Spyro/Skylanders than just the Spyro Wiki, since the site find information from official sites like or The Spyro Wikia gets information on Skylanders from some other site other than just from the admins themselves. And References are put into the articles to support the information and where it originally came from, so users can look into them.

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