We've got a lot of new details on Skylanders Academy from Head TV Writer, Eric Rogers on his Twitter page. Recently he's been NDA'd by Activision to keep quiet for a while since he revealed too much on the show.

  • The tv series is new and separate from the games with original stories, but is canon.
  • Kaos will be the main antagonist, along with the Doom Raiders.
  • There are 13 episodes written for Season 1
  • Network/Program has yet to be chosen, but when finalized, a teaser for Skylanders Academy will likely follow
  • Season 1 script is done
  • The show will air in Fall 2016
  • Story elements will be a mixture between Gravity Falls and Futurama with emotional moments, still rated E
  • Each episode will be half hour
  • CGI animation will be Pixar-like
  • Spyro will be the star of the show, voiced by Justin Long
  • Cynder is set to appear in Season 2, with a planned story revolving around her
  • No word on Sparx the Dragonfly being in the show as of yet

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