We've been getting a few complaints about the redirecting of the Alt. Deco Skylanders to their regular counterparts.

We all know that Alt. Deco Skylanders are just recolors of the Skylanders with different stats and names, but have the same backstories and catchphrases as their normal counterparts. Only one known Alt. Deco Skylander, Dark Spyro, actually stands out due to having his own backstory and catchphrase than his normal counterpart, Spyro, and also notable for having a Legend of Spyro counterpart on the Spyro Wiki.  The Legendary Skylanders all share the same backstory of the Legendary status and have different stats, but have the same catchphrases as their normal counterparts.

I think it's much easier to keep the Alt. Deco Skylanders on one page with their normal counterpart, especially if they're just plain recolors of the regular Skylanders and have the same exact backstories and catchphrases as their normal counterparts. The games never even say their names like "Molten Hot Dog!" or "Legendary Spyro!", but instead they just say "Hot Dog!" and "Spyro!". But I created this poll to let the opinions of other users be known if they like this change or not.

The possible final decision will be upon me and the other admins of the wiki, if they have the time to talk about this debate.

If Swap Force has a lot of changes to the Skylanders, then we will see what we can do with the alternates..

What do you think of the tabber templates of the Skylander pages that help show the regular and Alt. Deco Skylanders on one page?

The poll was created at 04:10 on March 24, 2013, and so far 23 people voted.

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