Welcome my name is, well you can see mine from who this Blog is being developed on, so besides that I am about to talk about things about the Franchise Series and other things that are related to Spyro. Now first is that what I think about Skylanders, yes when that came after the end of the Legend of Spyro, known series I was not happy about it, because of something new, but over time I did like it quite a bit. Right now I don't play it that much, because of other games including The Legend of Spyro:Games, but I do go back to it when I feel it is good. Next the characters were great, however, it was half good as I would think they are, but Dark Spyro was not good at showing that he is really possessed by the Darkness, but now I see that it is a different franchise, as I know it is, so that is all for that. Next I really like the Legend of Spyro series, because the first game when I saw the Elijah Wood interview, I was impressed and when he was a perfect fit for Spyro and I like Spyro also, that was the beginning of when I started to like Elijah Wood, as he is great, I mean nine thousand times great right, if you like him as well tell me below at the comments/replies/whatever and yes it does and doesn't matter if it is the voice actor himself and Spyro too, just tell me what you think of the two, oh technically three because of Spyro's dark side being a counterpart to spyro. Next, here is what I have seen, really weird actually and kinda scary, over time in privacy I have seen loads of stories and comics of Males turning into Cynder, yes and here is the scary thing, when I looked at one of the stories it started out good and painful because of the transformation, but then it got to scary when the males' memories were being replaced, that made me think oh jesus, that does not look good and Yes, here is my theories to back up it, the males either vanish and don't exist anymore or they might be still within as turned into the character, just simply trapped within the mind, so it may be one of them, I just don't know? So that is where I will stop okay? Bye ^-^

Next off, just so you know if you see I was here since Jan, 1970, that is false now don't go trying to worry about because that is when my mom was born or something, yes I know that but I activated my account on her email, because I don't remember what mine was for some reason, I did put my birthdate on my account and if only I could remember my own email I would, but that will be years until then so Yes, and I don't know exactly why I wasn't able to keep the edit on Mountain of Malefor, because for some reason I just put what happened to him before Spyro used his Time Fury and what might have happened to him before he excaped and oddly enough I also put at the trivia, why the Mountain of Malefor was not said or had any appearance in Dawn of the Dragon as much, it just seems odd why Spyro and Cynder and other people except Malefor never say anything about it and that if the mountain was in the level, so yeah could you tell me what I did wrong that would help me see what errors I've made, thus so I don't get confused plz that would be really helpful? PS: I also don't know why anybody put what they think at the bottom at the comments, I've seen people put what they think at the bottom of Blogs but, hmmm...oh well...still comments would be very motivating for me if you could put your thoughts at the bottom alright.

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