aka Anthony "Trey" Hamby

  • I live in Uhh....a tundra?
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is I am a young adult working on drawings, fanfictions and such, whereas in my real life I am working at Riverside Hotel and such.
  • I am Male

    Welcome my name is, well you can see mine from who this Blog is being developed on, so besides that I am about to talk about things about the Franchise Series and other things that are related to Spyro. Now first is that what I think about Skylanders, yes when that came after the end of the Legend of Spyro, known series I was not happy about it, because of something new, but over time I did like it quite a bit. Right now I don't play it that much, because of other games including The Legend of Spyro:Games, but I do go back to it when I feel it is good. Next the characters were great, however, it was half good as I would think they are, but Dark Spyro was not good at showing that he is really possessed by the Darkness, but now I see that it…

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