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March 8, 2010
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on June 1
  • I am Female

Due to taking position as an administrator for Ratchetpedia, I'm online less often. But that does not mean I have left for good.

Who I Am

I'm just a tomboyish 18-year-old female. I prefer the classic trilogy over the other Spyro games, but I am neutral to the others, unlike most fans. My favorite world is Skelos Badlands, while I have an unusal attraction to Cloud Spires.

I'm an admin here (for now...) but I've become more focused with the Kingdom Hearts Wiki (the one with SEIWA). I do not edit much these days, because I fear I'll only cause more trouble than fix. I'm the savior of this wiki, as without me, this place would be dead, yet I wish everyone here would get along.

I'm to become less active, as I am now a major admin at an independent wiki that will become the first member of SCIWA. What is SCIWA? Click here and see, unless you are a supporter of Wikia...

Reason behind Absence

My absence is due to the fact that I am begining to feel like an outcast, since I focus on keeping a wiki in tip-top shape while most people in Wikia only come here to chat and form fan wikis. I tried to keep this wiki "clean", but I failed and now there's nothing I can do to make this a better wiki without causing more controversy. So, I'm taking a long break from this site (but will be back every now and then to check on things) so that I help another wiki with keeping it's pages within the rules and MoS, which will be a new start for me.


An awsome remix of the theme of Cloud Spires and Haunted Tomb:

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