The Umbrella Idol is a Idol Monster and mini game boss who only appears in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He held Hulagirl Stella captive in Idol Springs, and Spyro must use the Supercharge to free six Hula Girls from their tiki that they are tied up, so they can rescue Stella.

How to Defeat

Unlike most bosses, Umbrella Idol will not attack you directly, but he will hit the Hula Girls that you rescue. Also, he is invincible to flame and charge attacks. He can only be defeated by the combined power of the six hula girls preforming the rain dance. After which a cloud appears, and the Idol explodes by a lightning bolt. However, the only way to free the Hula Girls is to use the supercharge power to free all the Hula Girls in one lap.


  • When hit, he makes a similar sound to Crash Bandicoot's Aku-Aku mask.
  • Even when your screen count says 6/6 freed Hula Girls, but they weren't freed in one lap you must still start over until you hit all the Hula Girls in one lap.
  • Unlike the other wood Idols in Idol Springs, the Umbrella Idol appears to be made of stone.
  • In an early trailer, made during game-development, Spyro would be talking to the Umbrella Idol.