The Two Professor's Glitch is a glitch that can be triggered when entering through the secret entrance of the Professors Lab in Spyro A Hero's Tail.

How to do the glitch

To do the glitch, you must enter the professors lab through the "secret entrance". Talk to the Professor to open the way out, and run outside until the second the door closes. Do not go too far, as the glitch will then not occur. If you turn around and look through the small window in the door, there should be two Professors; one will be walking around normally, and the other will be standing just as you left him after you talked to him. The Professor that is walking around is the one that is normally seen through the window when the door is closed, while the other one is what he looks like when you can talk to him. If you turn around and go farther away, then turn around and look through the window, only the walking professor will appear.


  • This glitch may be due to the fact that when you go a little bit farther away and the door closes, the standing professor is still there because you have not gone out of range, and the walking Professor is there because the door is closed and locked.

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