The Volcano as seen from the ramparts of Warfang.

The Volcano is a pivotal location for the dark forces of Malefor throughout the events of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. It serves as a harbringer of doom and an image of menace. The updraft the Volcano creates is strong enough to suspend several Islands, the most notable being the Dragon Temple.


The volcano first appeared at the end of the Twilight Falls level as HunterSpyro, Cynder and Sparx looked upon out at the horizon with the cheetah warrior explaining how Malefor attacked and suspended the temple above the volcano to symbolize his dominance. The next appearance was during the siege of Warfang where it could be seen in the background of Malefor's army.

The volcano played a major role later in the game after the Golem was killed. Malefor made an ominous announcement to the inhabitants that since they survived the siege, they would be the first to witness the resurrection of the Destroyer, a mountain-sized golem used to destroy the world to usher in a new one. The Destroyer emerged from the volcano and immediately proceeded to walk across the world, spreading the Ring of Annihilation that would initiate the end of the world upon the end of its journey.

After failing to stop the Destroyer, Spyro and Cynder venture through the Burned Lands, a desolate ridden wasteland shadowed by the great mountain, where the Destroyer could be seen attempting to scale the volcano. Spyro stated that they must reach the volcano to find an updraft to continue.

During the final battle with Malefor, the Destroyer arrives at the volcano and falls back into the Earth. The volcano erupts so violently the Earth's atmosphere is dispersed and the planet begins to break apart. The updraft of the mountain dies out and Malefor's Lair plummets into the volcano towards the Earth's core. During the Spyro's reconstruction of the world, it is possible the volcano was drawn back into the planet.


  • The Volcano provides a defensive area for Malefor. It is responsible for the creation of the vast Burned Lands and also the Belt of Fire which prevents anyone for getting close to Malefor's Lair.
  • In terms of volcanology, the volcano is an amalgamation of the two main groups of volcanoes. It has the steep slopes, incredible height and explosive nature common with Strato volcanoes, but is also constantly active and has a large crater, features common with Shield volcanoes.
  • The volcano may have been created by artificial means as the Dragon Temple, and to a fan based theory, the Swamp, lie on the area the volcano is situated on. In The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and The Eternal Night. the mountain is absent from this area.