The Three Teleporters is the Heroic Challenge provided by Hex and takes place in the undead dungeon. In order to clear the level, Skylanders must make their way through each of three teleporters in order to hit the proper switchesso they can gain access to the treasure of the Golden Spork. This level is a fairly straightforward puzzle level with a few enemies scattered throughout, but nothing truly dangerous.

Upon completion, the Skylander gains a permanent +3 Bonus to Armor.

Clearing the Challenge

At the start, the player must make their way through several spike traps to get to the eponymous teleporters. The teleporter to the right must be entered first and takes you through a hallway of enemies. Be sure to check into the side rooms to the left to find the first switch. Finish travelling the hallway to travel back to the teleporter area.

Take the teleporter to the left. The switch should be close by past the next teleporter. After hitting the switch, take the teleporter back to the teleporter area.

Now take the center teleporter. Head to the left until you reach a room with a spider and the final switch, then head all the way back to the right in order to find the last teleporter. It takes you to the teleportation room.

With all of the gates gone, the Golden Spork is yours!

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