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The Book of Skylanders is a relic in the Skylanders Academy television series that contains every Skylander ever documented. When a Skylander is drawn into the book, they are engraved into its pages as whoever has the book controls the Skylanders' actions, and their state of being. While Master Eon draws in the Skylanders, Hugo adds in the finishing details.


Season 1

In the series' debut, Kaos was able to steal the book and use his magic to freeze it, thus freezing all the Skylanders who were recorded in the book. After Spyro defrosted the Book, this freed the Skylanders from Kaos' ice spell, allowing them to defeat Kaos. The Book of Skylanders has since been relocated.


  • An altered version of the Book of Skylanders is shown in Season 1's opening credits, changed to show pictures of the main cast regardless if they are Skylanders or not, and with the show's logo added to the front.
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