Terrace Village (メカニカル ビレッジ 4-1 Mechanical Village 4-1 in Japanese) is one of the realms in Beast Makers that only appeared in Spyro the Dragon. This swampy village is filled with houses and platforms with electric Gnorcs. Spyro needs to be careful because on the edges of this world there is what looks like a green platform but it's swampland and it's instant death if he ventures off in it. Better watch your step!


This little wooden village stands atop a large plateau of green ooze that gives off its own sickly light. The village is fenced in with tree trunk fences, only allowing a bit of that yucky ooze to seep in. Since the ooze strangely seems to originate from underneath the village, it flows off of the plateau’s sides like waterfalls. The stone buildings here are close together, giving it a nice, "little town" feeling for its visitors, even if the sky overhead is constantly glowing green from whatever that ooze is… A single castle rests in the center, one that isn’t terribly big, but just big enough for parties and the such.




Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 20 - Terrace Village07:12

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 20 - Terrace Village

By ZephyGameGuides


  • In the late demo, Terrace Village use the title music. Pigs can also be heard in the background.

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