TNT Wranglers are a type of enemy seen only in Gnorc Cove. They attack by flattening Spyro with TNT barrels, hence their name. They bear a strong resemblance to their counterparts, the Dockworkers, but they wear chainmail aprons, hats, and mitts. They require two flames to defeat: the first to blow up the TNT barrel (the explosion blows off their armor and leaves them in an embarrassing situation), and the second to finish them off. In the final section of the level, two TNT Wranglers are seen carring steel barrels, so a flame attack will not work this time. Instead, a hole suppling steel barrels appears next to them which Spyro can knock the barrel into them, blowing up the steel barrels and the armor off the Wranglers, giving him the chance to finally flame them. These enemies only appear in Spyro the Dragon.


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