The Super Bonus Round is the final realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro may enter after he has collected all 15,000 gems and 149 dragon eggs from the other realms. The portal to this realm can be found in Midnight Mountain, a short glide away from the Harbor Speedway.

If the Lost Gem Glitch should happen, and/or if one cannot obtain the egg in Honey Speedway, then one can only access this realm with a cheat.


When Spyro enters this realm, which is revealed as a mountainous and snowy with poisonous pink water all around, he is greeted by Bianca, who tells him that this place is where the Sorceress stashed all her treasure. However, thieves came and took some of it. When you defeat a thief, you'll get plenty of gems - about 300 or so in total! There are several thieves, and once you defeat all of them, a door which was previously locked due to a requirement (16,000 gems) will open.

In this door, Hunter will tell Spyro that he fixed up an old submarine than he can ride in to take out the Rhynoc Submarines in the water. Doing so will grant you many gems, just like with the thieves. There are seven subs in total. Another door will open after its requirement is met (17,000 gems).

Behind this door, Hunter will be waiting there once more, and tells Spyro that behind him is the fastest race track around. There are a group of Yetis known as the Sasquatch Six that are willing to race the purple dragon with their hover boards with a surprise for you if you beat them. They are very hard to beat, even for a skilled player. However, if you do succeed in winning first place, you will win a full treasure chest containing 1,250 Gems! By now, you should have at least over 18,000 gems.

This opens another door, which shelters a Super Glide/Superflame powerup, which Spyro can use to take down the flying saucers that fly around the stage. There are seven in total. All of them give gems when shot and destroyed. After you defeat them, if you collected the gems at the start of the stage, you should have the max number of gems (20,000) in the entire game. This opens the final door.

In this last room, the Sorceress is waiting, flying on her saucer above instant-death goo in this arena. Bianca meets up with Spyro again, who tells him that he can use her own saucer which she upgraded with her spells to make it a bit more powerful so that you can finish off the Sorceress. She is very hard to defeat, as she can speed up after a few moments, leaving little time for you to shoot at her. When she shoots at you, her fireball isn't easy to dodge. If you crash into the goo, your saucer explodes and you die. Once her health reaches zero, she crashes into the goo, and is pulled into it. Her staff will then eject the 150th egg, the final egg, Yin and Yang, which appear to be twins from the same egg.




  • A "portal" is seen outside the Sorceress's castle arena here. It is reachable by hacking methods, although it is solid.
  • This is the level with the greatest amount of gems, with 5000. The second-greatest is Gnasty's Loot from Spyro the Dragon, with 2000.
  • Super Bonus Round shares its theme with Lost Fleet in the PAL and non-greatest hits versions. In the greatest hits version, Lost Fleet has a slightly remixed version of the music used in Sheila's Alp.
  • This is one of the only levels in the original series to not have the level's background in the loading screen when a player enters the portal. The level's background features snowy mountains with purple ooze and a darker sky while the loading screen background has the Sunrise Spring background. Another example of this is Harbor Speedway, also from Year of the Dragon.
  • This is one of the only levels in the series to include a combo Superfly/Superflame powerup, the others being Fireworks Factory, and Metropolis from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!