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Spyro: Ever After was an educational Spyro game that was cancelled in 2002.


Cancelled Educational Spyro game- 'Spyro Ever After' cutscene pitch00:07

Cancelled Educational Spyro game- 'Spyro Ever After' cutscene pitch

A pitch of the game.

Spyro: Ever After was going to have Spyro in a fairytale environment with whimsical creatures for a series of adventures. However, the game never passed the storyboard.


  • If Spyro: Ever After was released, it would have been the first (and presumably the only) educational Spyro game.
  • It is unknown why Spyro: Ever After was cancelled, but it is most likely that Vivendi Universal Games wanted Spyro not to appeal to the "young child" demographic Insomniac Games was not originally aiming for; but rather continue the tradition of making Spyro something enjoyable for all ages.

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