Spyro's First Calling was a book in Spyro: Shadow Legacy about Spyro and his first adventure on how he saved the Dragon Realms and all the dragon families from Gnasty Gnorc's reign of terror. It was left on the floor in the Dragon's Arms Inn at Dragon Shores.


In the beginning, life in the Dragon Worlds was peaceful, blissful, and utterly free from care for five families of Dragons, including the smallest one of all, Spyro. But some rotten souls - jealous, foul, downright unsavory characters - just can't stand to see others happy. Such was the case with Gnasty Gnorc, who resented Spyro's pluck almost as much as he loathed catching sight of his own ugly mug. And being a greedy gnorc, Gnasty frequently scared himself silly as he glimpsed his own reflection in the Dragon families' shiny jewels that he coveted and frequently gazed upon. Driven by his greed and downright meanness, Gnasty devised a magic spell, a wicked, jealous, awful one to end all Dragon happiness once and for all. From his foul perch in Gnasty's World, he froze all the Dragons in crystal and changed their beautiful jewels into Gnorc soldiers. Only Spyro, the smallest Dragon, escaped Gnasty's spell. And it was he who freed the frozen Dragons, rescued their stolen treasures, and taught Gnasty Gnorc some manners once and for all.