The Spiders are enemies that appeared in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. They usually appear in Undead-themed areas. As proven, T-Bone is afraid of the Spiders due to them liking to steal bones. They first appeared in Crawling Catacombs.

List of Spiders

There are five different types of Spiders in the Skylanders games:

Spider Swarmers

These are the first spiders the Skylanders will encounter. They are easily defeated but usually attack in groups, and are spawned by Spider Spitters.

Moon Widows

They leave behind a trail of Spider webs which if the user steps on them gets caught and has to be broken free. They have more health than the Spider Swarmers.

Fat Belly Spiders

During close combat, they will ooze a pool of acid which makes them invulnerable until they suck it back up. This is best to be attacked at a far range.


These are giants of the other spiders. They will web sling at the user and drag him/her to it and then strike. They are very difficult to attack and have a lot more health and damage than others.


Spiderlings are replacements of the Spider Swarmers in Skylanders: Giants.


  • These spiders in Skylanders only have four legs (except Gargantula has six) unlike the Original series spiders and the spiders in real life.
  • There is also an additional green spider which resembles the Spider Swarmers but larger. It is seen briefly as it chases after T-Bone and also appears as an enemy in Hex's Heroic Challenge. It only hangs on that very spot but will indeed attack at very close range.

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