This glitch is a potential game-breaking glitch in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This happens in the regular PAL and NTSC versions of this game. This occurs when you leave a speedway without getting the time trial and race egg. This glitch prevents you from getting the race egg. The Platinum and Greatest Hits versions of the game fixes this glitch.


When you leave a speedway without getting the time trial and race eggs, you can't get the eggs if you have won the course.


If you have been affected by this glitch, use one of the following remedies.

  • If you enter a speedway, and you feel like quitting. Then do not leave it. Just quit the game from inside the speedway itself.
  • If you left the speedway, then do not quit the game. Just re-enter the speedway and finish the time trial and race courses.
  • Buy or rent the platinum (PAL) or greatest hits (NTSC) copies of the game, and win the course from that copy.
  • After finishing the game with all possible-to-get gems and eggs, use a cheat code to enter the super bonus round.
  • Start the game over. This time making sure you don't leave the speedway until you get both eggs, the time trial and race ones.

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