The Sorcerer's Land is a remote lonely island that serves as the lair of the Sorcerer in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. It was located north-east of the Forgotten Realms, lying between the Shadow Realm and can only be accessed by magic. The fortress itself is also home to the Shadow Amplifiers, which is the cause of the Calamity that drove the realms into the Shadow Realm.


At some point, the Sorcerer's Land was visited by Red, whom the Sorcerer brainwashed to perform evil deeds. Spyro the Dragon came across the island on which he found the Sorcerer speaking to him and wanting him to join his side as the Socerer's apprentice. Spyro however decided to enter the fortress and defeat the Socerer in his gigantuan dragon form.

To access the fortress, the door would only open to those who placed five Relics in the magical locks on the door.