Soldiers, also known as Shielded Gnorcs, are a variety of Common Gnorcs that can be found in Dark Hollow. Unlike the regular "Common Gnorcs" seen in the Artisans Homeworld, Soldiers actually fight back against Spyro, attacking him with their short, blood-stained swords. Even though they possess flame-resilient shields, it's easy for Spyro to take them out with flames when they point at him with their swords. However, it is easiest for Spyro to simply charge them to defeat them.


The best way to take out these gnorcs is by just charging into them. The other way of defeating them is by flaming them as they move their shields out of the way.


  • In the late demo, Gnasty Gnorc dropped Soldiers behind him on platforms in his boss level. These Soldiers, however, only dropped life-pearls.

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