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Snap Shot is a veteran Skylander in Skylanders Academy. Apart from being one of the veteran Skylanders at Skylanders Academy, he is also the warden of Cloudcracker Prison.


Season 1

In Skylanders Unite!, Snap Shot was one of the Skylanders affected by Kaos's ice spell that froze The Book of Skylanders solid. Whilst frozen in an ice statue, Snap Shot was forced to listen to Glumshanks' story on a corkage fee.

When Spyro's Team took too long to arrive at the Falling Forest to put out the forest fire in My Way or the Sky Way, Snap Shot and Ka-Boom were called in as backup by the residential trolls to save the forest instead.

In The Hole Truth, Snap Shot served as instructor for Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor after they were assigned guard duty at Cloudcracker Prison. Despite instructing them the basics in guarding the prison with the help of the guard badges, the Doom Raiders deviously coaxed the naive Skylanders into sending them all into The Hole, the prison's confinement area, as part of their plan to escape Cloudcracker. Upon discovering this, the Crocogator scolded Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor for their actions, learning too late that he had neglected to inform the three Skylanders that they can't send more than one inmate down in The Hole; a detail that also wasn't written in the rule books since it was something every guard knew about. Snap Shot and his guards soon arrived too late to stop the Doom Raiders from escaping despite the Skylanders' attempts to stop them. He then blamed himself for ignoring the warning signs of unrest that was lingering around the prison and informed the Skylanders that they would have to be ready when they return to Skylander Academy, for the Doom Raiders are a much bigger threat now they are at large.


Snap Shot/Gallery


  • Unlike his game counterpart, instead of an Australian accent, Snap Shot speaks in a British accent.
  • He, along with Food Fight, Kaos, Hex, Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz, are among the few characters to retain their original voice actors from the games.
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