Slingshot Rhynocs are Rhynocs that can be killed with Spyro's charge and flame and with Sgt. Byrd's missiles. These can be found in Spyro: Year of the Dragon at the Spooky Swamp (armed with slingshots) and Sgt. Byrd's Base (these guys attack by throwing flowerpots).


  • When Spyro is far away from them, the player can see them continually trying to hit the Mosquitoes, but missing.
  • A Gardener Rhynoc is transformed into Buzz during a cutscene.
  • Though Slingshot Rhynocs and Gardener are identical in body structure, they are different in looks and attire upon close inspection; aside with being armed with different weapons, the Slingshot Rhynoc wears a straw hat and has red angular eyes, while the Gardener Rhynoc wears a brown sun hat and has gray round eyes.