Sleeping Dogs[1] are enemies that can be found in Toasty, the first boss realm of Spyro the Dragon. They are typically found sleeping, but will awake if Spyro steps too close. Sleeping Dogs are susceptible to Spyro's flame breath, but their thick fur enables them to survive one flame blast, such that they require two to be defeated.

Each Sleeping Dog has a Shepherd master that it may share with one or more other Sleeping Dogs. When Spyro gets close enough to a dog or its master, it will pounce and attempt squash Spyro under its significant weight.


If you get too close to a dog or if you flame it, it will attempt to jump on top of you. It is possible to flame a dog and then flame it again while it is in mid-air to beat it. The easiest way to beat a dog is by flaming it once and running away or rolling so that you get out of range of its jump attack and then flaming it as it lands.

Spyro can dodge the dog's pounce if he is agile enough. The best way for Spyro to avoid being pounced on by a Sleeping Dog is by using his roll ability (triggered by pressing L1 or R1). After the dog has pounced, it will go back to its sleeping spot, regardless of whether it successfully hit on Spyro or not. Spyro can most easily defeat a Sleeping Dog by using his flame breath on it just before it has pounced, dodging the dog when it pounces, and using his flame breath on it just after it pounces. Spyro's charge attack will have no effect on the dogs, despite their small size.


During the fight with Toasty, if Spyro runs back over the line where the door sank into the ground while a dog is preparing to jump (but before it does jump), the dog will jump so high that it hits the top of the level and disintegrates.

Also, if one goes near a dog while it is still grey to make it jump and then flame it while it is jumping, it will jump again, in mid air, and go so high it will disintegrate.

Note that this glitch will not generate a gem, or any other item for that matter, meaning that the player will have to leave the level and come back to collect the missing gem, if that is the case.



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